Weekly Sessions

July 3 through August 30

Ages 8-16


Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

10:00-12:00 and 1:00-3:00

Half day: $35 per day or $85 per week

Full day: $45 per day or $120 per week

All supplies included

Only 10 seats available

Week 1: Learn to Paint

Students are guided in replicating a simple painting and giving it their own unique spin.

Week 2: Mosaics: Art Gone to Pieces!

Learn and explore the different ways to make a mosaic:

Mosaics with glass and foam board   

Watercolor with ink on top for mosaic effect

Pixel art using graph paper


Weeks 3-4 Landscape in Miniature: 

Create a miniature garden and then paint their creations in watercolor.


Week 5: Abstraction: 

Students will explore different styles of abstract art in free-form, Jackson Pollock style paintings and painting animals in a geometric style

Week 6: Robots

Let’s get mechanical! Students will explore the world of robots and robotic creatures via various 2D and 3D media


Week 7: Less is More

Create small-scale works (3.5” x 2”) that require creative uses of space. 


Week 8: Art from Junk

Create a well-composed work of art using fabric, paper, wood, and  other kinds of scrap material and discarded objects.


Week 9: Self-Expression in Art

Create a piece that represents your keenest interests or greatest goal