Mixed Media, Metal, and Textile

Cheri Babler

Susan Bastinelli’s

last name says it all. “Basti” in Italian means “too much” which is how Susan describes her workroom. A place filled with treasures waiting to be repurposed into her whimsical and meaningful gestures. 

Helen Farrow

Jean Harrison

Using her sewing machine and knowledge of fine fabrics, Jean creates intricate tapestries and clothing. Subtle details enhance her artwork.

Sue Runion

Harriet McGee

A self-confessed collector and avid traveler, Harriet finds inspiration in the artwork and cultures of the places she has visited. Using simple tools and aluminum pans she creates complex images with the aim to recreate the flavor of the places she has visited, giving her own interpretation of their folklore customs and history.

Ivanka Mincheva

Born in Bulgaria, Ivanka is an internationally recognized artist. Using clay, Ivanka fashions detailed models that are cast in plaster to create a mold. The mold is shellacked and sent to the foundry where molten metals, such as brass, bronze, or silver, are poured into the mold.